Accurate, Fast, and Friendly Services

Transfer Online™ is keenly focused on providing excellence in customer service to its clients, for every transaction, every time. We achieve this with a balance of our core values: accuracy, fast and friendly service, value and regulatory compliance. Our commitment is one that you can trust.

"Transfer Online™ has broken the barrier between in-house processing and outside transfer agent services by allowing the Issuer to access vital information as if it were sitting on their own network - while providing all the benefits of working with a professional transfer agent."
- Lori Livingston, President & CEO

Transfer Online™ has committed to the goal of becoming a key player in the Stock Transfer market - to be the transfer agent of choice - worldwide.

Until now, corporations have had the option of either retaining an agent to provide stock transfer functions, or performing these services for themselves. While the professional agent brings service and a high degree of expertise and industry knowledge, companies choosing to retain their own shareholder records have a greater degree of control and access to information on demand.

Here When You Need Us

Through the development of, we have created a way to offer our services online while making records available to the issuer 24 hours a day. This enables us to provide our services as a professional agent, while allowing the issuer to retain the convenience of in-house record keeping - and control their costs. Transfer Online™ allows issuers and shareholders access to records in a secure environment, as well as offering a unique set of proprietary tools with which to view, organize, export, and analyze data.

Talk with a Transfer Online™ representative today. If, after speaking with one of our agents, we are still not the right fit for you, we'll help place you with an agent who is. No catch, no hard feelings.