Accessible, Transparent Proxy and Mailing Service

At a fraction of the cost of our competitors, we will meet all of the requirements for your annual meetings.

  • Timeline Planning - Supply us with your desired meeting and record dates, and we will design a timeline that meets your needs.
  • Notice & Access Management - With a little advance planning, Notice & Access is a great money saving tool and we will organize and manage the entire process.
  • Communication with Broadridge - We will request a Broker Search and Mailing Job, print the materials for beneficial owners, ship to Broadridge and retrieve their cast votes.
  • Document Preparation - Whether your documents need minor editing or to be developed from scratch, we will help you prepare.
  • Delivery of Materials - We can print and mail materials to registered holders or mail the materials you provide.
  • Web Hosting - A page created specially for your company on our SEC compliant website allows Broadridge to enable electronic delivery (likely reducing your printing costs).
    (Example: company name)
  • Internet Voting - Registered shareholders can cast their vote electronically at
  • Tabulation - Votes of registered shareholders will be combined with beneficial votes to generate your master vote report.
  • Vote Reports - Up to date vote reports can be easily retrieved for free from our website or provided to you via a daily email.
  • Inspector of Elections - To simplify your proxy meeting, we can send an inspector of elections to oversee it.

Transfer Online™ also offers a general mailing service for informational notices and other purposes not related to annual meetings.