Shareholders, Why Join Transfer Online™?

Online Account Management

Access your account information anytime - everything you ever wanted to know about your stock holdings, including customizable reports in multiple formats, proxy voting, dividend awards, messaging and online invoices - is available right now at

Direct Communication with your stock's issuing company

If your issuer is a client of Transfer Online™, they can communicate with you more directly if you are a member of our website. For instance, cast your proxy votes online or configure your shareholder contact information so that you only receive documents and notices from your issuer electronically, via email.

Free Resources at your Fingertips

Download forms, ask questions about your stock holdings, use our glossary, links, and F.A.Q. pages - all without speaking to an agent on the phone. Of course, if you should need direct assistance, our transfer agents are available during business hours to assist you with the best customer service available, hands down.

Multiple Accounts

Do you own shares in multiple companies? If the issuing companies are clients of Transfer Online™, you can access all of your accounts in one place, with one Username and Password. In addition, you may assign web access for any account to another person, thereby making them a manager of the account - but with only the permissions you allow to each additional manager.

Online Services

Every shareholder-member of Transfer Online™ has access to the following online services:

Online Account Access
Manage Contact Information
Detailed Views and Reports on Certificates
Direct Agents to Transfer Shares / Check Status of Transfer
Download Common and Specific Forms
Online Proxy Voting
Invoicing & Online Payments
Multiple Accounts / Multiple Account Managers


Join Transfer Online™ today to simplify and empower your personal equity management.