Open Up Your Stock Trading With Our Trading Board

While market conditions remain unstable and uncertain, more and more companies are delaying (or altogether terminating) plans for a public offering - while at the same time raising capital by offering shares of the company to investors.

This creates a situation where the investor, when faced with the need or desire to sell, turns to the company for a way to liquidate their shares. And this, in turn, can create an administrative headache for the company, which must then assist its shareholders by matching investors to available shares, and facilitating the communication that must take place to conclude the transaction.

With this in mind, we designed the Transfer Online™ Stock Trading Board. This product is for privately traded companies who want to offer a unique service to their shareholders by giving them access to an interactive process with which they can buy and sell shares - for otherwise illiquid securities.

The trading board is a stand-alone software solution, where buyers and sellers can post orders at a set price, quantity and amount of time. Others can browse the share listings to bid on those orders. Companies are provided with a robust set of tools for managing members and creating reports.

The Transfer Online™ Trading Board is designed so that neither the company nor the transfer agent are involved in the process of promoting, matching or settling any transactions. The entire process is a private transaction between the buyer and seller, and brings the two sides together anonymously until the amount of shares and price are agreed upon.

The trading board does, however, pre-authorize shares before they can be listed, confirming the seller's share position prior to placement on the board - thus allowing the buyer an additional level of comfort, in the security that the seller is dealing "in good faith" and can make delivery after the sale. The buyer and seller are then responsible for making their own arrangements for delivery of funds and stock upon final terms.

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