Stock Transfer is the Core of Our Business

At Transfer Online™, we understand that not all transfer agents are the same. That's why companies must shop around to find the services they need at the right price. We believe that as a full service brick and mortar transfer agent with a robust set of online tools, we can provide your company with the stock transfer service you need at the best value.

As your transfer agent, we provide the following services to issuers of privately and publicly traded stock:

  • Stock transfers (new issuance, custodial/sale transfers, retirement, conversion)
  • Maintenance of shareholder registration (includes lost address search)
  • Issuances via paper certificates or book entry
  • Full digital storage of transaction records
  • Customer service provided through web, phone, email, fax, postal mail or in person
  • Proxy & mailings (click here for a description of our proxy and mailing services)
  • Dividend processing & distribution
  • Balance management & authorized shares enforcement
  • Replacement of lost stock certificates
  • Corporate Actions (name change, reverse/forward splits, mergers, mass conversion/retirement)
  • DWAC & DRS services


StockContact us for a detailed, custom quote for our services. Or if you prefer, visit our no-obligation online fee estimator to see how our rates compare to others. Also, see our Issuer Services page to learn more about the full range of services that Transfer Online™ can provide.